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Herz Radiator Valves App provides a Product selector and Pre-setting Calculator.

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Preset Calculator

Pre-setting Calculator for known valves selected from the list of Herz Radiator Valves. The user provides the values for flow and pressure. The program calculates the kv-value, then displays the valves within a kv-value range, according to the diagrams. Main purpose of this program feature is an instant elimination of valves that are not suitable for particular operating conditions.



Product Selector

Valve Selector based on calculated kv-value. Pressure drop and flow rate based calculation provides an applicable valve list with according presets. The user is able to change Units in App Settings menu and use common values avoiding calculation errors due to unit conversion mistakes. Selector provides fast switching of valves with instant calculation of the preset position.This feature usage saves the time spent on reviewing preset diagrams or tables stored in printed comprehensive product documentation.




The application calculations are tested and should be used by engineers, installers and system maintenance operators as an additional tool for radiator valves presetting and/or valve selection.The App is not a substitute for professional engineering. Please contact local representatives for further information.

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