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HERZ continuous-flow water heater STANDARD


HERZ continuous-flow water heater STANDARD

Compact hydraulic interface unit for hot water production by the continuous flow principle. Installation as flush version with flush box or as surface-mounted version with cover. The pipe connection to the hydraulic interface unit takes place via the installed ball valves. Option to connect from the floor. Only available in Germany.


Consisting of:

  • Copper-soldered asymmetrical stainless steel counter current heat exchanger
  • HERZ pressure and temperature controller for central regulation of the hot water temperature
  • Scalding protection with built-in HERZ drinking water mixing valve
  • Constant readiness for hot water production even in summer operating mode due to temperature-regulated bypass switching, permanently set to 45°C
  • Strainer with fine mesh in primary supply line

Max. operating temperature 90°C,

Max. operating pressure 10 bar,

Min. stat. cold water pressure 2.8 bar,

Tapping rate 15 l/min. (10/50°C),

Heat exchanger output 42 kW,

Max. differential pressure 2 bar


Accessories to be ordered separately:

  • HERZ flush box 1 4008 07
  • HERZ surface mount cover 1 4008 09

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1 4008 13 HERZ continuous-flow water heater STANDARD
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