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Pump Group

Station for fixed value control suitable for 2-12 heating circuit
thermostatic head 20-50°C with immersion sensor for exact regulation of the supply temperature in floor heating circuits, thermometer to display the supply temperature and contact-safety thermostat are included, suitable for distributors with bar spacing of 167-233mm (center-center) when using eccentric screw connections, incl. 2 pieces screw connections R1“ MT for the distributor with freely rotating union nut G1“ for the pump group, flat seals are included, connection and shut-off from the high-temperature circuit with ball valves .3/4“, back flow preventer integrated in the return flow to the high temperature circuit; distributor, distributor cabinets and individual room control accessories must be ordered separately.

3 F532 34 – incl. high efficiency pump

3 F532 36 – without pump

3 F532 37 – incl. high efficiency pump, with thermostatic head 40 – 70 °C

Product List

Code Description
  • Sale Unit
3 F532 34 Pump Group incl. high-efficiency pump
  • 1
3 F532 36 Pump Group without pump
  • 1
3 F532 37 Pump Group incl. high-efficiency pump, with thermostatic head 40 - 70 °C
  • 1

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