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Three-Port Mixing Valve Actuator


Three-Port Mixing Valve Actuator

Two-piece body made of self-extinguishing plastic, the lower part is black and upper part is red. Straightforward direct mounting on the mixing ball valve with a screw. The screw is supplied with an actuator. The mounting position in relation to the ball valve can be selected in 90° steps. Te rotation angle is limited with 90° at both ends with adjustable mechanical end stops. The actuator switches off automatically when the end stops are reached. 3-point control. Servomotor 230 V, 90 °C, 10 Nm, 140 sec.

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1771263 HERZ-PUMPFIX replacement drive HERZ-PUMPFIX replacement drive HERZ actuatorTwo-part housing of self-extinguishing plastic, lower part black and upper part red. The drive is fastened to the mixing valve using a single screw. The supplied pin protects against twisting. The installation orientation can be chosen freely in 90° steps. The rotation angle is limited to 90°. Upon reaching the end stops, the drive is electrically switched off and thereby deenergised. Controlled by a 3-point actuator 230 V, 90°C, 10 Nm, 140 sec.
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