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Drinking Water Systems
Feel the Water

Drinking Water Systems

  • HERZ - the specialist in drinking water installations

    All parts in contact with drinking water are made of physiologically appropriate materials in accordance with legal requirements. HERZ fittings can be used for hot water temperatures of up to 85 °C.

  • Simply clean

    The HERZ water filter ensures filtering drinking water immediately after the house connection or the water meter. It reliably removes loose deposits (dirt particles), which are often the cause of malfunctions in sanitary and kitchen taps, household and water heating devices (e.g. boilers, instant water heaters) or garden irrigation systems. The HERZ cold water filter is also available with a pressure reducer, which lowers the inlet pressure to a working level and thus above all protects devices (e.g. boiler, dishwasher, etc.) against overpressure.

  • Better to be safe

    In order to prevent drinking water from coming into contact with non-drinking water, HERZ offers a wide range of safety fittings: System separators with reduced medium pressure zone of safety type BA for standpipes and for tapping points OR system separator combinations for filling and refilling systems. These are preferably used in softening, deacidifying and decarbonising systems as well as in disinfection systems in order to prevent the backflow of chemically contaminated water. In the area of house installations, the type EA backflow preventer prevents backflow, back pressure syphoning of heated drinking water into the drinking water from the drinking water supply network. They are integrated in ball valves, shut-off valves or, in the case of the HERZ water meter set, in combination with a shut-off valve installed after the meter.

  • Everything perfectly organized

    HERZ double regulating and commissioning valves with measuring valves, e.g. the new STRÖMAX-GNW, are used to shut off and regulate cold and hot water systems in buildings or for correct and energy-saving hydraulic balancing in drinking water supply lines. HERZ double regulating and commissioning valves are designed in straight pattern or angled pattern, the pre-setting level can be set digitally in the handwheel window or on the handwheel shaft, depending on the model. The tightness of the spindle is guaranteed by a double O-ring design. HERZ double regulating and commissioning valves for drinking water systems are available in types DN 15 (low flow) to DN 50.

  • Reliable and robust

    HERZ drinking water ball valves are characterized by their construction design without dead space and a ball with a full bore. On the one hand, this serves to keep friction losses low and, on the other hand, to ensure the highest level of hygiene thanks to the dead space-free design. HERZ drinking water ball valves are optionally also available with spring-loaded plastic backflow preventer (DVGW-certified), press connection for aluminum composite pipes or as a concealed ball valve.

  • Open and closed

    The classic HERZ shut-off valves for drinking water systems are the STRÖMAX shut-off valves. The inclined seat model is characterized by an optimized flow behavior. The AWD and WD variants are designed with a non-rising spindle which is sealed with an elastic double O-ring. A drainage fitting can also be installed on some models. The ÖVGW-tested and registered STRÖMAX products are available in sizes DN 10 to DN 80.

  • Constantly tempered

    The maintenance-free thermostatic mixing valve 7766 TMV with its optimized thermostat technology ensures constant outlet temperatures (keyword “scalding protection”). This safety device is particularly relevant in schools, kindergartens and care facilities. The thermostatic valve 7766 TMV works completely independently and without auxiliary energy. The value of the desired mixing temperature, which is preset once after installation, is kept constant within a control hysteresis, a locking screw protects against inadvertent manipulation. Different variants with regard to flow, temperature range and connection geometry are available.

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